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Jessica Stam channeled her inner 1920's character with peacock feathers and cigarettes in the March issue of Harper's Bazaar Spain. At first, the cropped hair and bold eyebrows just seemed plain weird on her because I'm so used to seeing flowy blonde hair..but I guess that's what was popular back then. I recently read an interesting book on flappers in NYC..something called Beautiful Days by Anna Godbersen. A bit of a strangely written book but I recommend it to all of you historical fiction lovers out there. 
Speaking of books, I've recently started the Harry Potter series (and I've received quite a few smirks from my friends as well..maybe I was a bit late?) but anyway, it's AMAZING. I've been watching the movies as well and it might be one of my favorite series ever..I've come to appreciate the 500+ page books which I ever so hated back in 3rd grade.

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