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Recent images I collected from various websites..I especially love the Bon Iver album drawing, even though I can't call myself a fan (their music is a tad too soft for me). An a capella group from England came to my school the other day and performed Skinny Love, which I have to admit is a good song.

Also, I've been mesmerized by the last image with the grey nails..truth be told, I don't wear nail polish at all but these are enough to convince me. I might go look for some Essie polish or something this weekend. 


rebel rose

into the gloss

"Eniko Mihalik is rarely without nail polish, which, for a model, is unusual. While most girls strip everything away on their off days—makeup, hairspray, and, yes, lacquer—Eniko plans trips to Saks to add another Tom Ford eye shadow palette to her collection, and paints her nails. Miss Mihalik loves a beauty product.
It came as no surprise, then, that she had something to show me during a recent visit. “They’re from Sally Hansen,” she said, holding ten perfectly manicured fingers up to her face. “Salon Effects. It’s these strips, and they come in all different colors and patterns…” Her nails are sheathed in gold glitter—“Glitz Blitz”. I scratched my original plan for her makeup and reached for NARS’ Paramaribo shadow, a twisted, lime-tinged bronze/brass duo, smudging brown, not black, pencil liner from Clinique (Quickliner for Eyes Intense) into the lashline for subtle dimension. I used my current favorite blush, Tom Pecheux’s recently reformulated Lauder dandy in Rebel Rose, high on her cheekbones, and—for lips—layered Bobbi Brown’s new Desert Plum and Party Alice straight from the tube."



shirt, Urban Outfitters

Basic grey long-sleeved shirt. And, while I would love to own something like THIS, I figured this shirt was close enough.

I saw the Hunger Games yesterday- it was brilliant. I can't stop thinking about Peeta/Katniss ..although half the ending was basically chopped (no prosthetic leg? no disappointed Peeta after Katniss told him it was all a show?) it was still an amazing film. I can't wait for Catching Fire in November. 


zara april lookbook

studded hearts

Clean, white, neutral with pops of color..crying again at the fact that the closest Zara store is an hour away. Really, I think the people living in this area could use another location. 


gym class heroes

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Simple, comfortable, casual-gym-but-still-okay-to-wear-heels-sporty.


thinking ahead

Cutoff denims- a necessity for summer. Also noting the orange nails.

For those times when you so desperately want a diamond necklace..you get something that's shaped like it. 

Daphne in some spring/summer show.

teen vogue
Especially in love with the leather x plastic.


midway point


Finally..March is halfway over. I'm so glad that Spring Break is nearing, I don't think I can handle any more schoolwork. 

sweater, Urban Outfitters 

I'm in love with this nice, comfy sweater I got recently. Perfect for the cold weather that's a bit unusual here in March. 


the white album


Visual Optimism, Vogue UK

British model Lara Mullen kept it basic in Vogue UK in all-white ensembles. I'm pretty sure the dress is Louis Vuitton in the second image (?) but it looks surprisingly well with the rusted boots.     


stop it right now


I've been obsessing over these Céline skateboards created by blogger Jayne Min ever since I first saw them on Tumblr and in NYLON Magazine.

Jayne (who runs stopitrightnow.blogspot) had the brilliant idea of covering skateboards with the brand's pajama print--she comments, 'I wanted to merge my two bog loves--fashion and skateboarding-in a respectful way.' 
I kind of wish I was into skateboarding now that all of its masculineness and roughness is lost. 


daily dose of lana


Lana del Rey in an Ella Moss and carrying, presumably, the Mulberry “Del Rey” bag. After all, how often is it that someone names a bag after you?


Random pictures of her I found on her website..I can't get enough of her vintage Hollywood-esque glamour. No one pulls off those Chanel earrings and heart-shaped sunglasses (doesn't that appear in her lyrics somewhere?) quite like she does. 


the flapper


harper bazaar spain, thefashionspot

Jessica Stam channeled her inner 1920's character with peacock feathers and cigarettes in the March issue of Harper's Bazaar Spain. At first, the cropped hair and bold eyebrows just seemed plain weird on her because I'm so used to seeing flowy blonde hair..but I guess that's what was popular back then. I recently read an interesting book on flappers in NYC..something called Beautiful Days by Anna Godbersen. A bit of a strangely written book but I recommend it to all of you historical fiction lovers out there. 
Speaking of books, I've recently started the Harry Potter series (and I've received quite a few smirks from my friends as well..maybe I was a bit late?) but anyway, it's AMAZING. I've been watching the movies as well and it might be one of my favorite series ever..I've come to appreciate the 500+ page books which I ever so hated back in 3rd grade.


eternal optimism

Credits to Vogue Magazine

My first thought when I saw Frida and Karlie in this Vogue editorial titled 'Eternal Optimism'- Chanel Mannequins. I guess it's the hair (didn't Chanel do that sort of shot-up, frizzed hair in their Pre-Fall? Or was it Spring/Summer?). 
Karlie's McQueen heels are also to die for--something ADR would wear, maybe. Oh, and you have no idea how long it took for me to make this collage-esque photo on Paint, it's harder than I thought. The result looks amazing though, I'll have to start doing these more often.



French actress Léa Seydoux is the new covergirl of the ASOS magazine. She hits the Parisian street in polka dots, bright colors, and cat-esque sunglasses (which I ADORE.) I love the "Le Monde" shot--it's on my wishlist to get a copy when I go to France!


seven for all mankind jeans

Lily Donaldson was featured in the first of 7 for All Mankind Jean's new video campaigns. She looks extra flawless as usual, and I love the vintage feeling and the music.


terry richardson exhibit

Designers, stylists, and fashion advocates (think Rumi Neely, Brad Goreski, Lindsey Lohan, Rachel Zoe) gathered for Terry Richardson's opening of his first solo exhibition in LA. You can see a bit of his work in some of the photo's-- Terry's photos are known to use light in an extreme way and they're very bright and abstract.